Abstract Submission

Submission of the paper
Entering the notifications via is the only valid notiļ€cation of the congress. Notifications will be selected by the Evaluation Board.

Abstract Summary Rules

  • The abstracts of all acknowledged reports will ve published in the conference book.
  • Authors and attendees are required to register.
  • Abstract summary; should include the purpose, method, findings and conclusions of the study. These titles should be written in bold in the summary.
  • The abstract should be sent in English. In the system, the space reserved for writting abstracts is limited to 3000 character.
  • The letter summarization will be used by the letter character system as standardized for all notifications in Times New Roman and 12 punto.
  • The next should be a single paragraph. One image and two tables can be added.
  • Standard abbreviations are accepted. If there is a special abbreviation, the full abbreviation
    of the abbreviation should be written after opening the parentheses in the place were it was first used.
  • The abstracts should include the names, surnames and institutions of the authors and the presenter.
  • As the conference records are made in single name, they do not include the other names in the abstract.
  • The summary of the deadline is 02 February 2018.
Information on whether the abstracts are accepted or not will be sent by e-mail.
You can contact Global Turizm Organization when necessary.